Steny Hoyer to Discuss the Minority’s Role in Congress at CAPAF Event Next Week

For whatever reason, the news that Judd Gregg has formally assembled a detailed manual for obstructing progress on health reform, there seems to be some increased public interest in the question of minority obstruction. Harry Reid is blastic Gregg and there was back and forth on this subject on the floor this morning.

What’s less clear is who in the Democratic leadership is prepared to try to do anything about this.

I’m not sure if the specifics of the Gregg memo will come up, and obviously senate procedure is primarily a matter for senators, but House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer should be giving an interesting talk on this general subject at a Center for American Progress Action Fund event on Monday. It’s titled “The Minority in Congress: Loyal Opposition or Deliberate Roadblock?”

The Majority Leader will discuss the history of the “Party of No” strategy, which is based on the assumption that the minority party benefits most when Congress is deadlocked. He will also discuss historical examples of constructive minorities in Congress, to demonstrate that more productive alternatives are possible — alternatives that would enable Congress to better address the needs of the American people at a critical time in our nation’s history.


Should be interesting, and it’s good to see high-level officials taking on themes that have been batted around for a long time in the blogosphere.