Stephen Miller: ‘Steve Bannon has no role whatsoever in drafting executive orders’

Trump’s Senior Adviser’s claim is wholly unbelievable.

CREDIT: Andrew Harrer/Pool via CNP/MediaPunch/IPX
CREDIT: Andrew Harrer/Pool via CNP/MediaPunch/IPX

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller made the rounds on the political talk shows. Across the interviews, he defended Trump’s Muslim ban as well as a series of new sweeping deportation raids conducted this week. One of the most bizarre claims he made, however, was when he said that Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has had no role in crafting Trump’s executive orders.

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace asked Miller about how he and Bannon rolled out the Muslim ban. “Steve Bannon has no role whatsoever in drafting executive orders,” Miller countered.

This unbelievable claim contradicts everything that has been reported during the first three weeks of Trump’s presidency. Indeed, reports suggest that Bannon has been responsible, along with Miller, for just about every executive order, leading many to satirize Trump as his puppet.


Bannon certainly seems to have been responsible for the order that placed himself on the National Security Council — an order that, according to the New York Times, angered Trump because he was not fully briefed on it before he signed it.

Miller’s bogus claim about the executive orders was only one of many absurd things he said during his appearances Sunday morning, which were widely panned as doing nothing to help the embattled Trump administration. In his interview with NBC’s Meet The Press, for example, Miller could not even say whether the White House still has confidence in National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who is under fire for discussing U.S. sanctions with Russia’s ambassador and whose top aide was denied high-level clearance.

On ABC’s This Week, Miller insisted that the concern that Kellyanne Conway broke the law when promoting Ivanka Trump’s product line is being blown “way out of proportion,” and he stood by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, saying that he, “as always, is 100 percent correct.”

After Miller reiterated Trump’s belief that there was massive voter fraud, George Stephanopoulos pressed him hard: “For the record, you have provided zero evidence that the President was a victim of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire; you have provided zero evidence of the president’s claim that he would have won the popular vote if three to five million illegal immigrants hadn’t voted — zero evidence for either one of those claims.”


Miller doubled down on his claims one more time, prompting Stephanopoulos to end the interview by saying, “You can start by providing evidence to back up your claims.” It was a statement that could have applied to all of his interviews Sunday morning.