Steve King derides SB-1070 judge as a Clinton appointee, forgets she was recommended and praised by Jon Kyl.

Yesterday, shortly after federal district court Judge Susan Bolton blocked key, controversial elements of Arizona’s harsh new immigration law from taking effect, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) ripped into the ruling. He alleged that Judge Bolton prioritized “protecting the [Obama] Administration’s political standing” because she was “appointed by the Secretary of State’s husband,” former president Bill Clinton:

“With the possible exception of illegal immigrants in Arizona, the people cheering the loudest about Judge Bolton’s injunction can be found in the Obama Administration,” said King. “By blocking the most important enforcement provisions of Arizona’s law, Judge Bolton has apparently decided that Arizonans’ lawful attempts to protect their lives and property is of secondary importance to protecting the Administration’s political standing among open borders advocates. I doubt Judge Bolton’s ruling will survive an appeal, and, for now, the Obama Administration should consider itself lucky to have had its day in court in front of a judge appointed by the Secretary of State’s husband.”

Apparently, King has forgotten that Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), a prominent foe of President Obama’s immigration reform agenda and a defender of SB-1070, recommended Bolton for her judgeship in 2000. At her confirmation hearing, Kyl praised her “expertise and fairness” in dealing with Arizona’s concerns. Moreover, as the Wonk Room’s Andrea Nill points out, “Bolton has been described by her peers as an ‘impeccable’ and ‘fearless’ judge whose rulings are ‘well-reasoned and unambiguous.’”

William Tomasko