Strange Convergence

The other day Atrios was complaining that there’s not enough blaming of school administrators in the school reform conversation. I’m not really sure which conversation he’s been following, but it turns out one person who agrees with him is former President George W Bush whose foundation is taking aim at principal quality:

The first major initiative of the new George W. Bush Institute will be to create a training program that will provide more qualified principals to the nation’s public schools, officials announced Wednesday. The institute, which will be based at Southern Methodist University, is launching the Alliance to Reform Education Leadership with a pilot program that includes school districts in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Denver, St. Louis and Indianapolis. […]

Institute leaders said they want to transform the way school districts identify, recruit, train and empower principals. The alliance will develop regional consortiums of universities, local school districts and business leaders to develop “game-changing” training models that will include a national performance-based certification program.

Other partners with the alliance include Teach for America, New Leaders for New Schools, the Rainwater Charitable Foundation and Uplift Education, a charter school operator that has a campus in Arlington.


Seems like a good idea to me. And certainly a much better idea than a Bush Institute program in torture, invasions, and economy-wrecking.