Study: Astonishing Number Transgender Latina Women Assaulted By Law Enforcement

Sixty-nine percent of Transgender Latina Women reported having been verbally harassed, physically assaulted or sexually assaulted by a law enforcement personnel, a new report conducted by the Williams Institute reveals. Of these, only 31 percent admitted to having lodged a report or complaint. The report, “Interactions of Latina Transgender Women with Law Enforcement,” interviewed 220 Latina male-to-female transgender individuals, 18 years and older, and discovered that police officers accounted for the majority of negative reactions reported, representing 56 percent of all verbal harassment cases, and 16 and 15 percent of all reported physical and sexual assaults respectively. When asked whether they had ever been solicited for sex by a police officer or other law enforcement personnel, 42 percent responded in the affirmative.

Fatima Najiy