Study finds climate change ‘serious threat’ to coastal towns … and Spears not good mom

Okay, I’m just kidding about Spears — not about her lack of mothering ability, of course, but that we need a study on the subject.

But an Australian publication really did print a story with the headline “Climate change ‘serious threat’ to coastal towns.” And there really is a new study: “The Victorian Coastal Strategy … predicts a bleak future for many coastal towns as they come under stress from climate change and population growth.”

Why is the painfully obvious still news? Well, this is Australia, after all, the only other industrialized country besides you-know-who that failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

The grim reality of climate impacts is only starting to sink in on Australia: Too little water inland (leading to mega-wildfires), too much along the coast. Hmm. Sounds like Hell and High Water….


[One final thought: Spears has finally been banned from driving with her kids — when will we banned from building traditional coal plants?]