Supporters Of NC Anti-Gay Amendment Insert Key Into Lock To Demonstrate How To Consummate A Marriage

State Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are planning to introduce a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage during a special session of the legislature next week. The state already prohibits gay and lesbian couples from marrying, but advocates of the measure believe that an amendment, which could come to the ballot as early as November 2012, would prevent judges from overturning the existing law.

To promote the effort, House Speaker Pro Tem Dale Folwell (R) held a press yesterday alongside ultra-conservative ministers who argued against civil marriage by maintaining that homosexuality is prohibited in the Bible. NC Policy Watch’s Rob Schofield offers the following details:

According to at least one of the speakers called to the podium by Folwell, an anti-LGBT marriage amendment is necessary in North Carolina because homosexual acts violate biological rules. According to a Rev. Johnny Hunter, sexual acts between two people of the same gender are “immoral and unnatural.” Hunter explained that only heterosexual acts allow a marriage to be properly “consummated.”

At one point, Hunter inserted a key into a lock to demonstrate a proper biological relationship. Watch it:


Democrats outlined their opposition to the amendment during a separate press conference yesterday, urging the legislature to focus on job creation and warning that the measure would dissuade businesses seeking to attract diverse employees from investing in the state. Folwell rejected their claims and explained that employers should not make decisions based on the needs of their employees. “Any business that is making a decision on whether to come or leave North Carolina on this issue that is already the law, I think that is an incorrect way to be making business decisions,” he said. Watch it: