Suppress The Vote: GOPer Sets Up Illegal ‘Show ID To Vote’ Sign At Massachusetts Polling Station

Failed Massachusetts GOP candidate and anti-vote operative Tom Weaver recently set up a camera at a polling station in New Bedford, Massachusetts in hopes of catching a plethora of poll violations. He caught nothing, except himself and his colleague Ralph Zazula sitting behind the desk at the polling place with a sign, “Show I.D. To Vote.” On the sign, Weaver had “Rules”: including, “be polite,” “have valid government issued ID,” and “voluntary compliance.” Telling Elections Commission Chairman Maria Tomasia that they had permission to be there (they didn’t), Weaver proceeded to tape himself suppressing the vote.

Though the “rules” said “voluntary compliance,” New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang (D) said Weaver’s act was tantamount to “voter suppression” and he demanded an investigation. The Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin took a look, and informed Tomasia the sign was indeed “illegal”:

Tomasia said she will go back to requiring a letter from the Secretary of State for all election observers. She said she didn’t know about the “Show ID to Vote” signs until she arrived at the Parker Street precinct at 4 p.m., but acknowledged that she herself didn’t ask the dynamic duo to take it down.

She said Secretary of State William Galvin’s office has now informed her that the “Show ID to Vote” sign was illegal. The secretary’s office says it is taking “remedial” steps to make sure the group never displays a similar sign inside a precinct.

Watch MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s coverage of the dynamic anti-vote duo:

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Weaver and Zazula insist they “merely intended to hold their helpful sign outside the New Bedford polls” and that that their group “Show ID to Vote” is “not advocating that Massachusetts voters obtain an ID in order to vote — it’s simply encouraging people to voluntarily show their ID when they vote.” Illegally.


Galvin’s office told Maddow that “they’ll be taking steps to keep this from happening again,” including “reminding the local elections commission about statutes that prohibit electioneering at the polls, specifically be election observers” like Weaver and Zazula.