Supreme Court rules against Ohio Republicans in ‘voter fraud’ case.

Earlier this week, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Ohio Republicans in ruling that the Secretary of State must “establish a system of verification that would match driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers with new voter applications.” Today, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling, saying the lower courts were wrong to get involved in the issue. Watch an MNSBC report:

Had the Republicans prevailed, about 200,000 new voters whose registrations don’t match state files exactly could have been forced to cast rarely-counted provisional ballots.



McCain campaign manager Rick Davis objected to the Court’s ruling, telling reporters on a conference call, “Do we really want to have to find out after the fact that we had counties that would have been decided one way or another because the secretary of state didn’t bother doing the job the HAVA [Help America Vote Act] required? … I think the secretary of state ought to do her job.”