Swiffer Agrees To Remove Feminist Icon From Mop Ads

The cleaning product company Swiffer responded to a scandal over its use of famed feminist icon Rosie the Riveter on Tuesday, agreeing to remove the image from its advertising.

On Monday afternoon, news outlets highlighted images showing that the company had taken the face of a feminist icon from the World War II era to promote its new line of mopping products. Many felt this symbolic appropriation was akin to moving Rosie from the production line back to the kitchen. But on Tuesday, Swiffer told the Washington Post, “we are working to remove [the Rosie image] from where it’s being used as soon as possible.” The company is also responding to Twitter users complaining about the image, apologizing to anyone who was offended.


Of course, this is a win for a single instance of sexism in advertising, but the larger problem remains: Advertisers are often the worst offenders on objectifying, sexualizing, and dehumanizing women.