Symantec cuts ties with the NRA

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre on Thursday. CREDIT: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A major security software company has become the latest business to sever its relationship with the National Rifle Association. Symantec, the parent company of Norton and LifeLock, announced Friday that it will no longer offer discounts on its products for NRA members, following a massive public push for them to end the relationship.

Norton anti-malware software previously offered NRA members discounts on its various subscription rates, including $37 off a standard membership. The NRA’s Business Alliance site also listed unspecified discounts for its members on LifeLock Business Solutions, the identity-theft prevention company’s business arm.

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On Tuesday, ThinkProgress reported on 22 corporations who the National Rifle Association identified as partners offering discounts to its members, an enticement used to encourage people to pay the $40 annual membership fee.

Thursday, First National Bank of Omaha announced that it would stop offering the official Visa card of the NRA and Enterprise Holdings, the company that owns Alamo, Enterprise, and National Rent-a-Car, said it would eliminate its rental car discounts. First National Bank of Omaha attributed its decision to the overwhelming amount of “customer feedback” it received urging the move.