Taking Full Responsibility

President Bush should be commended for finally accepting “full responsibility” for his blunders in managing the Katrina recovery effort. While he’s in the mood to begin taking responsibility, we’ve offered 10 other issues for which he should also be held accountable:

– The launching of a war of choice against a country that had no WMD

– The approval of interrogation practices that led to torture at Abu Ghraib

– The failure to disclose the true cost of the Medicare prescription drug bill


– The tripling of global terrorist attacks

– The 6 million more uninsured Americans over the past four years

– The $1.40 increase in the price of gas per gallon over the past four years

– The 7 percent decrease in real value of minimum wage over the past four years

– The 11 percent increase in poverty over the past four years

– The four straight years in which median household incomes have not increased

– The all-time high trade deficit, nearing $700 billion

Feel free to add to the list.