Taking Over the World

Commenter Jonathan pointed out that since I don’t know for sure that Kim Kardashian can’t sing, it’s probably unfair to give her a hard time for taking a crack at a singing career. He’s right. And when I think about it, I actually feel less annoyed with Kardashian’s attempts to enter an art form other than reality television than I feel exhausted by the news that James Franco’s directing movies based on both Cormac McCarthy and William Faulkner novels.Of course, if you’ve got resources and people are willing to give you the opportunity, Franco, Kardashian, and anyone else have the right to pursue whatever they want. And no matter how much Hampton Stevens wishes it to be so, Justin Timberlake doesn’t owe it to anyone to go back to music just because we all loved FutureSex/LoveSounds so much. But I do wonder about what happens to our popular culture in a world where everyone contracts artistic schizophrenia. There’s a virtue to concentrating on what you’re best at, refining your skills and deepening your vision. If everyone has to go out and prove they can do anything, what works of art aren’t going to get made? Maybe I’m being selfish, but I’m glad Joss Whedon, for example, refined his vision of musical television shows enough to give us Doctor Horrible, rather than going off and, I don’t know, joining the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers or something.