Tancredo: It’s ‘Elitist’ For ‘People Who Get Elected’ To Think Their ‘One Purpose’ Is ‘To Make Laws’

Third party gubernatorial candidate in Colorado Tom Tancredo was campaigning on Fox Business Network last night when host David Asman started complaining about “the arrogance of power.” “There is this arrogance. This sort of thing, I don’t care what you think I will do what I think is best for you,” Asman said referring to Tancredo’s Democratic opponent, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. Tancredo agreed, but added a strange twist, saying that it’s “elitist” for lawmakers to think they were elected to make laws:

TANCREDO: It is an attitude that you see all the time. Yes, I spent 10 years in Congress. I could certainly see it there. There is a sort of an elitist idea that seeps into the head of a lot of people who get elected. And they begin to think of themselves as, really, there for only one purpose and that is to make laws. And why would you make laws? Well, because you know, better than anybody else what to do.

Watch it:

Why else would a lawmaker make laws? Because that’s exactly what they were elected to do. That’s why they’re called “lawmakers” — because they make laws. Indeed, Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “lawmaker” as “one who makes laws.”


In fact, it seems a lot of Tea Party-backed candidates don’t seem to think it would be in their job description to do much of anything. “Once again, Harry Reid: It’s not your job to create jobs,” Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle regularly says on the campaign trail.

Similarly, many Republicans running for Congress are actively pushing the idea of a government shutdown if they don’t get what they want. Powerful Tea Party-allied Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) even said recently, “This idea that government has to do something is not a good idea. So I think the less we do, the better.”

So if Tancredo doesn’t think it would be his job as governor to make laws, what exactly does he think he would be doing?