Tax Cuts Over Quality of Life

Take a quick look at USA Today’s politics page and you will see two stories that tell it all about the right wing’s radical agenda. The first story is about how conservatives want “to cut taxes and trim spending” as they prepare for budget battles on Capitol Hill. They are being led by right-wing-radio-talk-show-host-turned-Congressman Mike Pence (R.), who heads a group of the House’s most fringe radical elements.

The very next story down on USA Today’s page is about a report from the nation’s civil engineers that notes, “crowded schools, traffic-choked roads and transit cutbacks are eroding the quality of American life.” Those problems, not surprisingly, have been exacerbated by the same massive federal budget cuts that conservatives want to keep in place in the name of tax cuts.

Better quality of life for all Americans, or tax cuts for the rich? The right wing has, unfortuntely, made its choice.