Tea Party activists plan to burn Reps. Periello and Pelosi in effigy.

The Danville TEA Party organization in Virginia is holding a “Fired Up for Freedom” rally next Saturday where it will be “burning Rep. Tom Perriello and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in effigy in response to the passage of landmark healthcare legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.” Danville TEA Party Chairman Nigel Coleman said that the group’s members feel like they have “no representation in Congress.” Periello, however, met with the organization in the past. On Nov. 5, he had a conversation with several of the TEA Party members, attempting to explain his position while they talked over him:

In July, protesters also hung Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil (MD) in effigy outside his district office. (HT: Blue Virginia and Firedoglake)



DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) put out a statement about the Danville plans:

These shocking and despicable acts are becoming all too common at extreme right-wing Republican rallies. Hanging Members in effigy or displaying images of Nazi concentration camps on the steps of the Capitol have no place in any debate and Republican Members of Congress must condemn these actions.