Tea Party Blogger Hints That Pelosi’s Life Is In Danger, Warns Of ‘A Thousand Little Waco’s’

Over the weekend, the tea party protests — organized by corporate lobbyist-run groups Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks — were scenes of violence and hate towards gay and African American Democratic members of Congress. Around the same time, acts of vandalism have occurred around the country against local Democratic Party offices and against Democratic members of Congress. As the Washington Post reported today, “some of the vandalism appears to have been instigated by an Alabama blogger, Mike Vanderboegh, who encouraged his readers to throw bricks at the windows of Democratic headquarters across the country.”

Vanderboegh is a member of an Alabama militia group who is headlining an open-carry gun rally in Northern Virginia next month. In an interview with Alan Colmes yesterday, Vanderboegh justified his call for vandalism and said the attacks are warning shots because people like him will next threaten the life of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and fight health reform with “a thousand little Waco’s”:

VANDERBOEGH: I am telling you we are motivated to break windows, we feel a deadly threat from the Federal government and the orders that the Democrat party has given us. […]

COLMES: You’re telling people to break the windows of Democratic headquarters. You’re telling people to commit acts of vandalism. You’re supporting breaking the law.


VANDERBOEGH: May I tell you my personal motive for doing this? I’m trying to save the lives of Nancy Pelosi, and every one of these people who do not understand the unintended consequences of their actions. […] Because they are not paying attention to the million of people across this deepening divide that politics no longer avails them. […] We refuse to participate in the system, and we refuse to pay the fines, and we refuse arrest. Now where do you suppose that’s going but a thousand little Waco’s.

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Despite his charges of socialism and fascism against government-sponsored social programs, Vanderboegh is reportedly dependent on Social Security Disability benefits.