Tea Party Candidate’s Ad Touts His ‘Sexy’ Wife And Large Testicles


California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) wants voters to know that his testicles are very large. And that he wants to put “a gun in every Californian’s gun safe.”

That’s the image Donnelly’s decided to present to voters in a surreal ad starring himself and Cuban-born singer and actress María Conchita Alonso. At one point, the ad degenerates into a discussion of whether Donnelly’s wife or Alonso is more sexually attractive. Also, Donnelly wants voters to know that he’s very angry. And that he thinks McDonald’s restaurants in his state should pay $20 per hour because “we’re Californians.”


Though the decision to include Alonso, who speaks exclusively in Spanish during Donnelly’s ad, is likely an attempt to appeal to Latino voters, he’s probably facing an uphill climb with that particular constituency. Donnelly is a founder of the Minuteman movement in California, a group of anti-immigrant vigilantes. Indeed, Donnelly was featured on the Colbert Report proclaiming that “it is a great day to be a vigilante.” He then discusses how he considered hiring “illegal aliens” to build a border fence at the California-Mexico border.

You can watch Donnelly’s ad, in all its glory, here: