Tea Party hires a plane with 100-foot banner reading ‘OBAMA STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY’ to fly over DC.

This morning, Washington, DC residents have may seen a plane with a giant banner bashing President Obama flying overhead, courtesy of the Danville, VA Tea Party Patriots:

The group’s project coordinator, Susan Lee, raised funds during the last two months to fly a plane over Washington, D.C. morning traffic today with a nearly 100-foot-long banner reading “OBAMA STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY” in five-foot-tall letters. […]

“It was just something that I had this inspiration for and I started looking into it,” Lee said. “It was a lot cheaper than (other options) and it’s much more exciting and novel. We’re excited.”

The message cost the group $1,350 from New York-based Arnold Area Advertising, according to TEA Party leader Nigel Coleman. He said they solicited donations from other TEA parties across Virginia and other states.


The Danville Tea Party Patriots have faced intense criticism in the past for their plans to burn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in effigy. The plane was scheduled to fly “over interstates 66 and 95 and the circumference of Washington” between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. today. If you happened to snap a picture of it, let us know.