Ted Olson Joins Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Tom DeLay claims that all the criticism of his conduct is being orchestrated by a “left-wing syndicate.” The latest member to join the partisan chorus: Ted Olson. You’ll remember that, in 2000, Olson argued on behalf of George W. Bush before the Supreme Court. He also served as Bush’s Solicitor General until July 2004.

In Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Olson — in a piece entitled “Hands Off Our Judiciary” — criticized a “prominent member of the leadership of the House of Representatives…[who] has characterized another justice’s approach to adjudication as ‘incredibly outrageous.’” The person he was referring to was Tom DeLay, who made that comment the day before.

Here’s Olson’s response to DeLay’s comments:

It is time to take a deep breath, step back, and inject a little perspective into the recent heated rhetoric about judges and the courts. We might start by getting a firm grip on the reality that our independent judiciary is the most respected branch of our government, and the envy of the world.

Olson also strongly criticized DeLay’s suggestion to investigate the judges who ruled in the Terri Schiavo case:

Calls to investigate judges who have made unpopular decisions are particularly misguided, and if actually pursued, would undermine the independence that is vital to the integrity of judicial systems. If a judge’s decisions are corrupt or tainted, there are lawful recourses (prosecution or impeachment); but congressional interrogations of life-tenured judges, presumably under oath, as to why a particular decision was rendered, would constitute interference with — and intimidation of — the judicial process. And there is no logical stopping point once this power is exercised.

When are left-wing partisans like Ted Olson going to put an end to their witch hunt against Tom DeLay?