Tennessee Group Recycles Anti-Trans Bathroom Meme Commercial

A new bill in Tennessee would prevent local municipalities from extending their nondiscrimination statements to include sexual orientation and gender identity (PDF). To rally support for it, a conservative group has recycled an anti-trans commercial used in a similar (failed) campaign in Florida. The Family Action Council of Tennessee rehashes the “bathroom meme,” claiming that protections for transgender people would allow child predators into public restrooms:

Do gender difference matter to you? They won’t if Memphis or Shelby County mandates “gender expression” policies on private employers. …

Is that the kind of Tennessee you want?


Not only has there never been a reported case of this bathroom fear coming to fruition, there is also nothing that currently prevents a child predator from entering a bathroom as it is.


A recent groundbreaking study found that discrimination against transgender people is exorbitant, including in housing, healthcare, and treatment by law enforcement.

A similar bill preventing local non-discrimination ordinances failed in Montana last week.