Tennessee State Rep. Rick Womick Calls Allah A ‘False God,’ Warns Of A Muslim Immigrant ‘Population Jihad’

Last Friday, Veterans Day, anti-Muslim activists and politicians converged in a small town on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee to hold a convention. ThinkProgress attended the event, and spoke to a number of speakers involved. State Rep. Rick Womick (R-TN), a local politician from Murfreesboro already known for his inflammatory remarks about the Muslim religion, told us that he would like to purge the military of Muslims. ThinkProgress is now releasing more excerpts from our interview with Womick.

ThinkProgress’ Eli Clifton asked Womick why no one at the conference had acknowledged Anders Breivik, the shooter in Norway who killed dozens of innocent people because of his fears of Muslim immigration and of policies he believed were too tolerant of Islam. Womick shot back that Muslims had executed innocent Americans, and then explained that we could never compare Islam with acts by people like Breivik, an outspoken Christian, because Allah is “a false God”:

WOMICK: Now you explain to me the more radical point. We have a whole culture who outright comes out and says, ‘we are authorized, we are commanded by a God, a false God, to kill everyone who won’t convert.’ Versus one nutjob over in Norway —

CLIFTON: Sorry, you said Allah is a false God?


WOMICH: Yep, absolutely. Absolutely he’s a false God. There’s only one God: Jehovah. And the son, Christ Jesus who died on the Cross. Now because I believe that, I have a Fatwa on my head. I will never convert to Islam. Allah is not a real God.

Watch it:

Womick also expressed various conspiracy theories during his interview with ThinkProgress. At one point, he told us about a multi-decade plan by Iranians to take over the world using Muslim immigration to the West. Womick said the “population jihad” has allowed Muslims to overtake much of Europe already, and implement Sharia law in parts of England. Watch it:

Since we published our first excerpts from the video, a host of civil rights groups have called on Womick to apologize for his remarks about purging Muslims from the military. Instead, he has doubled down. Gov. Bill Haslam (R-TN) has also refused to rebuke Womick.