Terrorist fist jab: 1, E.D. Hill: 0.

In June, Fox News anchor E.D. Hill infamously called a fist pound between Barack and Michelle Obama a “terrorist fist jab.” Hill’s remarks were met with widespread criticism and ridicule, and shortly afterward, Fox canceled her nightly news show. Hill also eventually apologized for her remarks. TVNewser now reports that Fox News has refused to renew Hill’s contract. Hill has been with Fox News for nearly 11 years. Watch her “fist jab” remarks here:

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[featuredcomment]misshusseinmolly Says: “While I believe that canning E.D. Hill was the right thing to do, I have to wonder why she was thrown under the bus while the pundits like Bill O’Reilly are able to say any outrageous thing they choose and get away with it?

Is it because they have one standard for what they laughingly call ‘straight news’ and another one for ‘commentary’?


Or is it because people actually complained about Hill?”[/featuredcomment]