Texas Drought Now Far, Far Worse Than When Gov. Rick Perry Issued Proclamation Calling on All Texans to Pray for Rain

Minnesota temperatures next week will be “extreme out-of-the-ordinary” — just like Bachmann and Pawlenty

National Weather Service: “The stage is being set for a massive heat wave to develop into next week as a large area of high pressure is anticipated to circulate hot and humid air over much of the central and eastern U.S. Maximum heat index values of at least 100°F are likely across much of this area by the middle of next week, with heat index values in excess of 110°F possible over portions of these areas.”

Extremist climate science deniers like Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty are campaigning tirelessly to give their state the climate of Texas. That is what would happen if the nation and the world continues to follow in their preferred path of doing absolutely nothing to reduce emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

I know it is just a coincidence, but Minnesota is going to get a taste over the next several days of a Tea Party future (as will much of the rest of the country). CNN reports today:

Extreme heat indices — how the air feels, with heat and humidity — are expected to reach up to 116 degrees in Minneapolis next week.

“These are extreme out-of-the-ordinary temperatures for Minnesota,” CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and other areas in Texas experienced afternoon heat indices of 105 degrees or more through Thursday.

The month of June was the hottest recorded for Texas since 1895, according to the National Weather Service.

But since Bachmann and Pawlenty are working to turn Minnesota into Texas, it is worth remembering that the ‘adaptation’ strategy of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has been to designate 3 “days of prayer for rain” while cutting the budget of agency battling record wildfires.


It would seem no one is actually listening to Perry’s prayers because the only alternative would be to believe that whoever is listening is doing the exact opposite of what Perry has prayed for. As the latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows, the Texas drought is considerably worse than when Perry issued an “official proclamation drawing on his constitutional authority designating three days as Days of Prayer for Rain” back in April:

Yes, back in mid-April, only 10% of Texas was under exceptional drought. Now a staggering 71% is!

[Given Perry’s track record, it seems pretty scary that, as TP reports, Rick Perry Wants To Leave Government ‘In God’s Hands,’ Says ‘God, You’re Gonna Have To Fix This’.]

Of course, we don’t really have any short-term strategies to address extreme weather. In the longer term, prayer would appear to be a non-optimal approach, given Texas’s experience.

Sharply reducing greenhouse gas emissions, however, would seem our best hope of sharply reducing the prospects that the Southwest becomes a permanent dust bowl and that Minnesota gets the climate of Texas. It has the benefit of science underpinning it.

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The tropics and much of the Northern Hemisphere are likely to experience an irreversible rise in summer temperatures within the next 20 to 60 years if atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations continue to increase, according to a new climate study by Stanford University scientists…. “According to our projections, large areas of the globe are likely to warm up so quickly that, by the middle of this century, even the coolest summers will be hotter than the hottest summers of the past 50 years,” said the study’s lead author, Noah Diffenbaugh

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Paul Magnus

Must read article by bill…Will North America Be the New Middle East? 15 at 12:54pmPaul Magnus

so prove that these events where NOT due to GW….

record breaking heat…. 15 at 12:55pmEric B Timar

I think the “just warming up” phrase is great but has more punch as “Mother Nature Is Only Warming Up.” I also think every headline of yours should call it, as others have suggested, something like The Inhofe Drought.

July 15 at 1:00pmPaul Magnus

graph of the day…

european extreme temps. 15 at 1:30pmMike Roddy

The reason Perry has all that hair is to hide Satan’s horns. We now have proof.

July 15 at 1:43pmShirley Thomas

so that’s what rethug women are hiding behind all of of that big, hair sprayed, lacquered hair

July 21 at 2:26pm

Darwin Woodka

I’m sure inefficient incandescent bulbs will help. Somehow.

July 15 at 2:02pmPeter S. Mizla

And the Beat goes on…..or the Heat goes on. Perry is going to need more then a Prayer for the drought and heat in Texas. As this decade ends- the drought and heat will become a persistent weather event.


I hope Ms. Bachmann’s children enjoy the weather of present day St. Louis Missouri- that’s the climate they will see in their adulthood, with even more extremes of heat, drought and storms.

July 15 at 2:13pmAdam Johnston

and Winnipeg Manitoba Canada will get the same climate that Minneapolis gets in a few years, while within 50 years feel more like Chicago or St. Louis

July 17 at 8:05pm

Brett Feinblatt

No, that’s not what they’ll see as adults. That’s what they’ll remember fondly as adults.

“Hey, Martha — remember snow?”“Oh, that takes me back. I can vaguely recall one day in February when it snowed. We’d been praying for about two months, and there it was!”

“And 95 degree summers?”“Oh, that was the life, having 95 degree summers. Like a vacation.”

“And how about rain that only came in nice, comfy showers and not torrential downpours that show up out of nowhere and drown your cat?”

“Oh, I was telling the kids about old-fashioned rain last week. They didn’t believe me.”

“Well, we’ve been praying constantly for what, 40, 50 years now? I’m sure God’ll come around and decide we’ve had enough any day now.”

“Oh, no question. I saw Jesus in a pancake last week, so it’s almost over.”

July 20 at 6:12pm

Timothy Hanes

I’m concerned that maybe these people might be praying to the wrong God. Has Governor Perry considered that Zeus is pretty ticked off at all this whining to ‘Jesus’ and isn’t sending any more rain til he gets some goddam goat’s meat! Or Zororaster, or Allah, or the Atman, or Marmaduke, Queztaquatl.

July 15 at 2:20pmLong Strange Tripster

C’mon!! Get real!!! We ALL know that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is God! get with the program!!!

July 18 at 5:16pm

Timothy Hanes

Or maybe he should be praying to Jesus, but St Paul was all wrong about Gentiles being Christians and that, worse than gay marriage, God wasn’t kidding about shellfish in Deuteronomy and we are just one more lobster dinner at the White House away from another flood.

July 15 at 2:30pmTimothy Hanes

Or Martin Luther was all wrong and Perry has got to get a priest at least, maybe a Monsignor…

July 15 at 2:34pmEvony Huckee

If this were really global warming, don’t you think that someone would have saved this article below, from complete collapse:


“Can we blame the drought on global warming?The media omits the bigger climate story when it reports on the huge dry spell. Here’s whyBY PETER FINOCCHIARO”.

Peter, a writer for Salon(a PRO-AGW site), recently wrote that ‘media’ omits AGW story. The fella couldn’t find anyone to come out and say the drought was AGW.

Yet Romm here would have you believe that everyone but shills believe in AGW.It’s just not the case.

For CAGW believers, everything has to be global warming.


July 15 at 3:29pmPaul Magnus

absolutely… especially since 1988….

July 15 at 4:29pm


The troll comment to which you replied is even more incoherent, illogical, and lame than their usual fare. No wonder they’re now adding performance art to their repertoire:​omm/2011/07/15/271037/clim​ate-denier-brandishes-noos​e-to-scientist-at-climate-​conference

July 16 at 12:46am

Jeff Redman

Mr. Huckee — what do “PRO-AGW,” “AGW” and “CAGW” mean?

Of the 20 definitions for “AGW” I found on the first is “anthropogenic global warming”, but the second is “anti-global warming”, and “Atmospheric Gravity Waves” is also on the list. So I have NO idea what you were trying to say.It is always an excellent idea to define your acronyms on first use. Better yet avoid acronyms entirely and actually write what you mean.

July 18 at 2:52pm

Paul Magnus

Climate PortalsOh Dear…. paleoclimate data revealed average ocean temperatures that were only about 0.7 degrees Celsius, or 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit, above those of today.

Rising Oceans — Too Late to Turn the Tide? |uanews(Click to enlarge) If sea levels rose to where they were during the Last Interglacial Period, large parts of the Gulf of Mexico would be under water (red areas), including half of Florida and several Caribbean islands. (Photo illustration by Jeremy Weiss). 15 at 4:30pmPaul Magnus

was not long ago that we were saying about the Russian heatwave… if that were to have happened in the US…. well seems like its happening…..

July 15 at 4:35pm

Mike twotwo

“Both the Public Utility Commission (PUC) and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) have issued power watches for consumers and businesses across the state.” “….so in order to keep the system from going down statewide, we’re asking everyone to conserve energy and practice conservation,” says CPS Spokesman Victor Robledo.” Which kinda pegs the irony meter in view of the light bulb thing​ERCOT-power-watch-issued-e​ncouraging-energy-conserva​tion-125600183.html.

July 15 at 4:57pmRichard Brenne

“God, I know we’ve turned our backs on you in our maniacal quest to grow our own egos by using more fossil fuels to make more money to buy more and bigger SUVs, RVs and ATVs, and those are just our vehicles that end in Vs. I know that our greed, selfishness and stupidity in burning all the fossil fuels we want without ever once thinking about anyone else including our own children has led us to change our very climate. I know that changing our climate has meant that the heat and drought of this year has been far more intense for far longer than since we started doing this. I pray, God, that myself and everyone else sees our short-sighted, willful, wanton greed, selfishness and stupidity and immediately and forever changes to expressing your limitless love for the poorest and most vulnerable among us and all your other creation instead. I know the ideology of nothing but greed by my party and all those like us has been mere praying for endless material power to your very opposite. And thank you, God, for that which I care about most and for the various shampoos, conditioners, combs and brushes you have sent me to care for it.”

July 15 at 5:12pm


I normally defer to federal agency expertise. However, given the number of unusual weather events around the world over the last couple of years, NOAA’s attributions of unusual weather to normal variation in blocking events (​​ariabilityMainCulpritofDea​dlyRussianHeatWaveThatKill​edThousands.aspx /​sd/csi/moscow2010/ ) is wearing a bit thin.

At this point, I have to give up on NOAA and go with​science.1201224.

July 15 at 7:52pmTimothy Hughbanks

Not to rain on your parade, but I gotta say that it was wonderful to ride my bicycle home today in the rain — one of the few decent rains we’ve had in many months. (The county in which I live has been in the exceptional drought part of the map for more than 3 months.)

Rick Perry is a disastrous governor who is counting on the laziness of the national media to make him look like a “successful” conservative governor who has guided his state through the great recession with less damage than “liberal” states like California. If he decides to run for president, that’s what he’ll be counting on. The truth is that Texas avoided the housing boom by “luck” — it was the center of the S&L scandal of the early nineties and was still recovering from its real estate hangover when the latest housing bubble was roaring in much of the rest of the country — Texas’ didn’t have a housing bubble and subsequent foreclosure orgy because it was still recovering from one already (and the rest of the country’s taxpayers bailed the state’s financial institutions out.)

Rick Perry’s campaign donors are in the process of staging a coup d’etat in the state’s two leading universities; watch the national ranking of UT-Austin and Texas A&M for the next few years and it is virtually certain you will see a preciptitous decline — that is all Rick Perry’s doing.

July 15 at 8:16pmLong Strange Tripster

“Rick Perry is a disastrous governor who is counting on the laziness of the national media to make him look like a “successful” conservative governor…”

Worked for Bush.

July 18 at 5:18pm

Robert F Kiel

Laziness of the Media?????? worked for Obama

July 21 at 8:11am

Long Strange Tripster

You’re right, Robert. Worked for Bush before him. WMD….remember? The main problem of the media laziness now is that they don’t call out the un-American, traitorous obstructionism and downright insane fiscal irresponsibility of the GOP/Baggers cowtowing to the corporations which are their real paymasters. Yup. Still working for you idiots, alright.

July 21 at 12:39pm

Shirley Thomas

laziness of the remorseful voters/nonvoters in red states. ain’t working so good for them is it

July 21 at 2:23pm

Robert F Kiel

Wow Long insults from you already? and your still crying about the WMD which everyone thought he had, other countries thought he had them , he had them and used them at one time , he acted like he still had them , he refused to co operate with the UN and live up to the 1991 GUlf War cease fire agreement oh key word here is Cease fire agreement not a peace treaty so technically we were still at war with Saddam just like technically we are still at war with NOrth Korea

July 21 at 2:30pm

Joan Savage

According to Commodity Weather Group LLC, the heat wave is expected to move east in the forthcoming week, and then possibly regroup in the central states.​ews/2011-07-14/heat-wave-i​s-forecast-to-hit-u-s-midw​est-before-spreading-to-ea​st-coast.htmlThe article also has some technical info on how the corn crop is doing at present.

The heat wave does not give a whit for policy, so I’m gradually emptying my fridge for a what might be a power outage sometime in the next week, like the one Chicago has been going through.

July 15 at 9:44pmTechnomancer Morhion

Prayer doesn’t save lives, itt doesn’t win you the lottery, it doesn’t win football games, and it does not make it rain. Grow up governer.

July 15 at 10:13pmLouise Calder

You also might want to consider, that a scientific experiment was done on prayers. Some knew, others didn’t. The patients that did know did worse than the ones, who didn’t know. Kinda telling is it. Quit your prayers, it’s bad for the wellbeing of patients! :))

July 17 at 4:47pm

Shirley Thomas

u mean i need to stop praying to win the lottery. curses foiled again. oh well back to the atheist drawing board

July 21 at 2:22pm

Bailey Struss

I only wish that those who are so ready to invoke their Christian deity, would read what they profess to be his flawless manual — “God will destroy those who destroy the earth.” Rev 11:18.

July 15 at 11:07pmShelly Leit

The CNN meteorologist saying a heat wave in July is “extremely out of the ordinary” has no idea what he’s talking about. July in Minnesota is traditionally very hot and humid. I know that because I have lived here most of my life. There is a stereotype I suppose that it’s always cool here, but July and August are very often extremely hot. The humidity makes it feel 10–20 degrees hotter than it is. Yes it’s uncomfortable. It’s why we all have air conditioning and several swimsuits. It’s called “Summer”.

July 15 at 11:30pm

Joan Savage

My mom remembered a very hot muggy summer vacation at Leech Lake MN, back in the 1920s, and it involved a road trip from Pennsylvania. The family didn’t try MN again, as hot muggy summers were available in PA.The current heat wave prediction for MN is still distinctive, particularly for areas likely to exceed 110F and patches that could go above 115F, even if you’ve seen 108F as the state high in the past year.

July 16 at 9:04am

Mark Oehrlein

I have lived in MN all my life. This is exceptional heat. The flooding and storms we’ve seen all “summer” has been exceptional as well. I haven’t seen much moderation in the weather pattern here. It seems to flip from one extreme to the next.

July 16 at 12:12pm

Shelly Leit

The flooding is exceptional and so is the dew point, but the heat is not. I have lived here a long time and my mother swears the day I was born in May (eons ago) it was over 100 degrees. I remember many summers with strings of days in the mid-upper 90s. When my husband moved here from CA he was dumbfounded at the summer heat in MN.

The heat itself is not going to exceed 100 degrees in most of the state, but the heat index is. It’s like the reverse of wind chill. The worst part as always is the humidity which is going to be higher than I’ve ever seen it.

July 16 at 10:55pm

Mark Oehrlein

I understand weather quite well. This is about climate, not the weather. The fact that it has been 100 before is not the issue. Of course it’s been hot before. It’s the frequency of weather like what we are experiencing (heat, flooding, dew points, storms) that is the point. If it gets to 95, no big deal and I agree. If it gets to 95 10 more days than normal, that’s climate change.

BTW, it was 112F on May 31, 1934 in Maple Plain, MN. WOW!

July 18 at 8:34pm

Climate Chaos

Climate ChaosTexan fever going viral….

Oppressive heat expected in much of Canada — Canada — CBC News.www.cbc.caExtreme heat and humidity is expected to blanket Canada this weekend from Saskatchewan to Quebec — and Environment Canada’s long-term forecast says warmer-than-normal weather can be expected to persist throughout the summer.

July 16 at 10:34amRodney Glasspoole

Where in christian theology is the command: Remain at all times ignorant.

July 16 at 11:52amLong Strange Tripster

It HAS to be in there. Right?

July 18 at 5:18pm

Long Strange Tripster

Dang, Rodney. I don’t know how I’d feel meeting you as a PO for the first time. Is he jolly like Santa, or gonzo like a right-wing biker? I’d like to think a jolly lefty biker, personally. 😉

July 18 at 5:20pm

Amy Janel Cortez

No worries. Just make an amendment to the Constitution. Seeing as God has ordaned the US exceptional, and let’s face it, Texas is the crown jewel of the US (ask Perry) then any amendment commanding us to remain ignorant and rely on God is really just an extension of God’s word. See the logic? No? Perfect.

July 19 at 8:04pm

Brett Feinblatt

“Where in christian theology is the command: Remain at all times ignorant?”

I think it was somewhere in the back, with the “Greeed is good” stuff…

July 20 at 6:37am

Amy Janel Cortez

Or maybe in the middle. People love to read a little a the beginning, then flip to the back, read a little there, and say they’ve read the book. Besides, Revelations is the darling of the extreme right. It has to be buried in the middle somewhere. Or an indices, perhaps?

July 20 at 11:47am

Daisy Bear

I’m dyslexic. I read that as: “Texas is the *clown* jewel..”

July 21 at 1:12pm

Shirley Thomas

seems to me that only the ignorant still rely/believe in a man made book of myths

July 21 at 2:11pm

Geoffrey Rawling

But of course, as any person capable of an iota of rational thought knows, nothing fails like prayer.

July 16 at 12:16pmKathi A Irwin

Rick Perry Wants To Leave Government ‘In God’s Hands,’ Says ‘God, You’re Going to Have To Fix This’.

July 16 at 12:30pmNancy Foudray

isn’t there something about God helping those who help themselves?

July 18 at 9:07am


Praying for relief instead of taking action on GHGs reminds me of the lady who drowned during Katrina. The police drove around telling everyone to get out but she said “Faith will save me!” Then the fire dept motor boated around to take out the foolish, and she said, “The Lord will save me!” Then, standing on her roof with the water around her neck, she waved off a coast guard chopper and closed her eyes in prayer. After drowning, she appeared at the pearly gates where she asked St Peter why the Lord didn’t save her. He replied, “Lady, God sent you the police, the fire dept, and the coast guard, what more do you want?”

July 17 at 3:57amBrett Feinblatt

Prayer is a very popular way to have the feeling of doing something while not actually doing anything…

July 20 at 7:01pm

Jaime Slim Goody Johnson

Hmmm way to turn an old a** joke around to s**t on the poor people who couldn’t leave New Orleans during Katrina. How amazingly WHITE of you. SMH

Anyway. Rick Perry is a clown who might just be our next president the way crap is going. Texas hasn’t had a proper governor since Ann Richards

July 20 at 11:33pm

Shirley Thomas

i tell all of my religious friends to pray, but bring a shovel, to do your own digging. for some reason they hate it when i say that

July 21 at 2:13pm

David Crass

The apostle Paul said;”Faith without works is dead.” No Christian I respect would ever think of prayer as a substitute for personal action, although I’m sure they exist.

July 21 at 6:15pm

T. Nathan Mundhenk

I think the concept is that global warming is like gravity in a bugs bunny cartoon. If you don’t believe in it, it won’t effect you.

July 17 at 11:41amAnnette Vawter Brown

I read an article that said — quit worrying about what caused it — we NOW have to do something about it! Ice is melting, seas are rising…

July 17 at 9:48pm

Teufel Wolf

1) Praying for rain is an attempt to change reality by force of Will. Welcome to the Dark Side.2) Their imported middle eastern godling is weak. I suggest the invite the indians back, and let them do a rain dance.

July 17 at 1:24pmLew Ojeda

The power of prayer.

July 18 at 1:44pmEmily Ralph


July 18 at 2:40pm

David D. Schmidt

Texas is a red-hot drought-stricken state. Climate deniers just can’t deny it.

July 18 at 1:56pmRay Kelly

God’s wrath

July 18 at 2:12pmWilliam Concannon

Does anyone remember the Superman comic books of the ’50s & ‘60s? There was a realm called “Bizarro World”, where cars had square tires; everything logical was reversed, insanity ruled. Now it seems the United States has become Bizarro World.

July 18 at 2:19pmSean Twitty

It’s ironic that this summer is one of if not THE hottest on record, while not too many months ago we had record lows and snowfall. Why do we forget what happened just a few months ago? Why hasn’t anyone asked if it were possible to get record highs during the summer and record lows in the winter? Perhaps if these questions were answered, we could answer other questions too and then do something about it.

July 18 at 2:57pmSusan Parlier

Dare I suggest that a state that has spawned the likes of the Bush family is in a Hell of their own making?

July 18 at 3:52pmRick Haines

“The month of June was the hottest recorded for Texas since 1895”. My question is, what made it so hot in 1895, long before burning fossil fuels would have any effect?

July 18 at 4:54pmValere Hull

What’s most frightening to me is that too many people are not paying attention. They’re too busy watching garbage TV — reality shows, Dancing w/Stars, etc. — all the mind-numbing escapism. With all the extreme weather we’ve had the last number of years, you would think people might at least start asking what is going on. Mother Nature is apparently not happy with us is the answer — and the scientists have the facts to back that up — but too many people are too busy in escape and denial land to heed her warnings.

July 18 at 4:57pmAmy Janel Cortez

“But science is hard! And scary! And most of it is theory! Heck, even that evolution the liberals want to force on our kids is a theory. It isn’t fact.” Garbage like this is why The Bachelor(ette) trumps reading/learning/political​ debates, etc. Our nation is demonizing math and science. The people are easier to hoodwink that way.

July 19 at 8:19pm

Shirley Thomas

the poor uneducates evangelical sods of this country are relying on a mythical being to solve real problems. boy u should go to other countriies websites and see how the world is laughing at our dance with these religious wingnusts

July 21 at 2:17pm

Lauren Samples Bartholomew

Perry knows his base well.

July 18 at 4:59pmLong Strange Tripster

Somehow, some way, this is Obama’s fault. Can’t be that God turned his back on Ricky, can it? After all, Rick is such a generous tither to his church. Less than 2%. Nice, Ricky. Maybe God’s pissed that you’re ripping HIM off too?

July 18 at 5:15pmRodney Glasspoole

Keep em guessing at all times, but come down squarely on fairness and continue to point outthe inequties in the law and advocate for change of idiotic laws.

July 18 at 5:26pmDavid A Woolsey

HEY! what happened to MAINE; I’d be curious because I live there…

July 18 at 5:49pmMaria Swanson

Methinks god heard the prayer and looked down towards Texas. Horrified, he decided to turn the heat up. Methinks I can hear his message: you made the bed. Now lie down in it. Or was it “the seeds, you choose which to plant. The harvest, however, is compulsory” Or something like this.

July 18 at 6:29pmRobert I. Laitres

Gee, with all those virtuous and religious people in Texas, some of us wonder why the drought has not ended. Oh! Come to think of it, it must be the fault of those sinners in New York or California who have “grievously sinned” and therefore “God” is punishing Texas. Perhaps the State of Texas can employ the Wesboro Baptist Church of Kansas as their press agent in order to sell that argument to the gullible (of which we have far too many).

July 18 at 8:04pmSandra Myers

But Texas continues to use billions of gallons of pure water in fracking operations. Because of engineering they can’t use brackish water.

The Texas Water Development Board estimates the total amount of water used for fracking statewide in 2010 was 13.5 billion gallons. That’s likely to more than double by 2020, and decline gradually each decade after that until dropping back down to current levels between 2050 and 2060.


How can they allow this continue in such a terrible drought? Also from the article:

It can take millions of gallons of fluid to hydraulically fracture, or “frack,” a single well. Only about 20 percent to 25 percent on average of the water is recovered, while the rest disappears underground, never to be seen again.

July 18 at 8:14pmNew Progressive Muckraker

“Caution, it is vitally important not to make connections…”​ch?v=xhCY-3XnqS0July 18 at 8:32pmTim Gourley

did yuo notice that fox noise didn’t make snide comments about global warming like they did during the snow storms of last winter ?

July 19 at 6:04am

Brett Feinblatt

I was just thinking about that earlier — all the far right mensa contenders saying “global warming’s a lie, just look at all this snow.”

Of course, I doubt there’ll be any major changes of opinion about it even now. With ignorance tied with ideology, they’ve got summer and winter covered. Throw in a good-sized chunk of religious mania, and they’ve got their excuse for the heat, too — “Well, obviously God’s pissed off at us over the gay stuff. To deal with the increasingly hot summers and increasingly cold winters, and the worsening hurricanes and tornadoes, obviously climate science isn’t the answer, but stopping the evil gays and the commie-nazi-anarcho-fascio​-libs is.”

July 20 at 6:04pm

Teddy Tesfaye

I don’t think the governor gets it. Sometimes God will only help those who help themselves. you have to buy a lottery ticket before you pray to god to win a lottery.

July 18 at 11:03pmMaija Dravnieks

Lack of trees. Lack of trees making rain which is source of water as snow. Save all seeds, sprout houses in warehouses, start replanting trees, save ALL that are left.

July 19 at 1:59amRobbert Carr

Believers would say the Lord has a reason and I agree with Her.

July 19 at 3:12am

Testimonial: My West Central MN region experienced dew points of 86F, highs of 100F+ and heat indices of 120F the past 3 days.Our dew point was higher than the innermost regions of the Amazon jungle!Areas are getting 3–5″ of rain in less than an hour.Climate change isn’t ‘just around the corner’. It’s here. It’s NOW!Wake up, America.

July 19 at 3:37pmAlan John

maybe god is going deaf I mean he/she is between 6,000 and 4 and 1/2 billion years old.

July 19 at 5:49pmRich Pedersen

We’re watching the land itself dying of thirst down here and all you caring progressives can offer is mockery? Thanks one whole Hell of a lot!

July 19 at 7:57pm


I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff,

July 20 at 4:08amReed Jackson

Thanks Rick. GFY.

July 20 at 1:19pmRobert Dean

Oh Ya! A pagan society that doesn’t believe in God, you think he will answer you. I don’t

July 20 at 8:50pmJoy Mcclellan

God is punishing us in texas for supporting Rick Perry.

July 21 at 12:00amShirley Thomas

now that a punishment of biblical proportion that i can agree with. and since the lamebrains in tx keep supporting these troglodytes, i don’t see any relief in sight

July 21 at 2:31pm

Derrick Gibson

God didn’t cause this summer heatwave; we did. Asking God to solve our problems is like driving over a cliff and asking God to protect us from the rocks below.

July 21 at 6:56amBrett J. Rowley

You give “Us” too much credit, and not enough to God.

July 21 at 9:01am

Brett J. Rowley

Rick looks to be the next prez, doesn’t make me happy, he’ll spend too much also. ‘Course like Kinky Friedman says, Charlie Sheen would be better’n what we got now.

July 21 at 9:18am

Derrick Gibson

God put the coal, oil and the natural gas in the ground. It was us who dug it up and started to put it back in the sky.

July 21 at 1:40pm

Shirley Thomas

a sane christian. a true anomaly. better hire security

July 21 at 2:20pm

Robert Yust

I don’t know what you’re all fretting over, its 100% certain that his prayers will work. When it finally does rain, whether that’s next week, next month or next year, his retort will be “See it worked.”.

July 21 at 10:21amDaisy Bear

Clearly, Rick Perry’s prayers have been answered. He just won’t admit it.

July 21 at 1:11pmSteve Pugh

Wow, you guys ARE nutty aren’t you? I’ve never seen such a perfect example of liberals using junk science and outright lies to further their far left agenda.

July 21 at 1:41pmShirley Thomas

that fact that u live in tx, squashes your street cred. get thee to the blaze

July 21 at 2:28pm

Steve Pugh

No, it gives me street cred. The fact that you spend your days looking at a far left hate site that relies, not only on junk science, but also intentionally misinterprets the results of that science; and that intentionally misrepresents and outright lies about Rick Perry’s record, destroys any credibility you have. You are a loon.

July 21 at 2:40pm

Shirley Thomas

wouldn’t it be great if perry called meeting of all rethug govs, and limbaugh golfing, jogging etc on the hottest day, without water, to test their faith.

July 21 at 2:09pmShirley Thomas

I have been praying for a do over since bush stole the election, so far it ain’t working. guess I’m not tithing enough.

July 21 at 2:34pmTerese Hutchinson


July 21 at 10:38pmSandra Dibbs

Amen Bro!

July 25 at 7:59pm