Texas Judge Who Resigned After Allegedly Colluding With Prosecutor Now Running For Prosecutor

In October, Polk County District Judge Elizabeth Coker was forced to resign her post after she allegedly texted advice to prosecutors during a trial.

According to reports, Coker suggested questions that the prosecution could use with a witness to help their case. In one report from Polk County Today, the whistleblower, then-Polk County District Attorney Investigator David Wells, said that the prosecutor “wrote word for word the contents of the message on his notepad.” Facing disciplinary action, Coker ultimately gave up her judicial robes.

But that doesn’t mean she’ll be staying out of the courtroom.

In an apparent bid for redemption, Coker is now running for county prosecutor. Her candidacy announcement for Polk County Criminal District Attorney noted that she served “as a district judge for almost fifteen years” and is “now looking forward to serving in a new capacity as a public servant.” Though she didn’t mention the specifics of her resignation, she said that she has “seen firsthand the need for improvement in the District Attorney’s office.”


Coker is running in the Republican Primary, which will be held on March 4.