Texas University Art Director Forced To Resign After Protesting Rep. Gohmert’s ‘Terror Babies’ Claims

This past summer, ThinkProgress twice reported that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) went on cable news television to propagate his claim that pregnant Middle Eastern women are traveling to the U.S. to have babies who will automatically become U.S. citizens and later return here when they are older to “blow us up.”

Christian Cutler, who until recently, was the art gallery director at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA), was also watching Gohmert’s appearances and decided he didn’t want anything to do with the high school art show Gohmert had asked him to judge. According to Cutler, after hearing Gohmert’s statements, he called one of his aides and told her that he had decided against judging the competition, saying “I really don’t want to associate myself with Congressman Gohmert and I felt he was a sensationalist and from recent information via the Web and television I felt like he was a fear monger.”

Ten days later, he received a letter from Gohmert who wrote that he “disagrees” with Cutler’s remarks, “but will defend to the death your right to be misinformed.” Gohmert also revealed that the art show was supposed to be hosted at SFA (a detail Cutler was not previously aware of) and that he was moving it somewhere else. SFA college president Baker Pattillo was copied. Cutler tried to apologize and explain that he wouldn’t have pulled out of the art show had he known it was being held at his school, but to no avail. Shortly thereafter, Cutler was forced to resign from his job.

KTRE9 reports that now, “Cutler frantically searches for a job to support his family.” He claims to have learned his lesson: “Maybe keeping those personal opinions to myself,” he said. Watch KTRE9’s report:


Gohmert maintains that he “did not ask nor desire that the Director of Art Galleries be dismissed and am not aware of all of the reasons for his dismissal,” suggesting that perhaps Cutler’s termination had something to do with his job performance. However, Cutler claims he received “outstanding” performance reviews in the three years he worked for SFA.