Texas Woman Asks For A Public Hearing About State’s Cuts To Planned Parenthood

Texas is at risk of losing $40 million in Medicaid funding because the state health commissioner signed a rule banning Planned Parenthood or any abortion provider from participating in Medicaid’s Women’s Health Program, even though the program provides health screenings and contraception — but not abortions — to some of the poorest women in Texas. Now, 25-year-old Rene Resendez, who is a patient in the program, is calling on the state to hold a public hearing before Gov. Rick Perry (R) overhauls the program without federal funding for Planned Parenthood. “As a patient of Planned Parenthood, and an enrollee in the Women’s Health Program, I want a voice in Governor Perry’s overhaul of the program. I should be able to decide who provides my healthcare,” Resendez writes at her Change.org petition for the public hearing.