Thank You For Fighting For The Truth

Last week, nearly 100,000 of you came to ThinkProgress and wrote to Bob Iger — President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company — demanding ABC tell the truth about 9/11. Tens of thousands more wrote Disney Chairman George Mitchell and ABC affiliates. You had an impact:

— ABC stopped marketing Path to 9/11 as “based on the 9/11 report.”

— An extended disclaimer report ran three times during the first night alone.

Scholastic stopped promoting Path to 9/11 to students.

— Prominent media commentators, including many conservatives, spoke out against the film.

Substantial edits were made to the film.

In short, you accomplished a tremendous amount in less than a week.

Nevertheless, we remain disappointed that ABC decided to air several false and defamatory scenes. 9/11 is too important not to get it 100% right.


But ABC and the rest of the media now know that there is a large group of people out there who care deeply about the truth.