Thanks For All The Memories: A Look Back At Santorum’s Run

Since Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race today, ThinkProgress wanted to take a look back at some of the more memorable moments from his failed bid:

— Santorum warned “Satan” is systematically attacking the U.S. with “rock concerts” and “sensuality.”

— Claimed that the Netherlands euthanizes 10 percent of its citizens.

— Argued the California universities don’t teach American history — they do, it’s a graduation requirement.


— Santorum compared marriage equality to a napkin, not a paper towel; water, not beer; tea, not basketball; a tree, not a car.

— “Friends don’t let friends use pink [bowling] balls.”

— Called Obama a “snob” for urging kids to get educated.

— Made his top issue “Enforcing Laws Against Illegal Pornography.”

— Said Obamacare would kill his special needs daughter.

— Thinks global warming is a “hoax.”

— Claimed high gas prices traveled through time to cause the recession.

— Thinks insurers should discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

— Took to waving around a shale rock during speeches as a visual aid for his energy policy.

— “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better” with taxpayer money (which he, of course, later qualified as “blah” people).

— He said women aren’t capable of serving in combat because there would be “emotions that are involved.”

— “I refer to global warming as not climate science, but political science.”

— He told a mother her gay son is engaging in unhealthy activity that the government should not “promote.”

– “I’m for income inequality.”

— Santorum promised to significantly reduce federal funding for food stamps, arguing that the nation’s increasing obesity rates render the program unnecessary.

— Told a sick kid not to complain about high drug costs because people blow tons of money on iPads.

— He opposes contraception, explaining that it’s a “license to do things.”

— Santorum found “it almost remarkable for a black man” to be pro-choice, saying Obama should oppose abortion because of his race.

— He told a rape victim to “make the best out of a bad situation

— In 1994, Santorum said single moms are just “breeding more criminals.”

— He told Peurto Ricans to learn English.

— Called for selling off public lands to private sector.

Meanwhile, presumed nominee Mitt Romney moves onto the general election, likely with the help of Santorum, it’s worth remembering what Santorum has said about the former Massachusetts governor.