The ACORN Dead End

Matt Quirk argues that the right-wing’s deployment of race-baiting tactics is backfiring and, more important, that conservatives embrace of scare stories about election fraud are going to lead them nowhere:

Failing that, not to worry. The rot has taken root on the right, and it’ll take years to debride. Crackpots are blaming the recession on greedy minorities who tried to buy houses and the Democrats who forced lenders to help them. Obama’s massive get-out-the-vote operation is already transforming, in the Republican echo-chamber, into a carefully orchestrated plot by ACORN and its black ex-con foot soldiers to steal the election. Democrats can look forward to four to eight years of resentment, bitterness, and conspiracy-theorizing among the GOP base. The “not my President” frothing and floundering will be back on the right, after spending eight years on the left. Just as the Republicans lost their 1994 momentum because of a weird hang-up with Clinton’s busy wang, the right will only suffer from ugly personal politics. The more time Republicans waste by scapegoating, instead of rethinking what they stand for and sweeping up the pieces of their party, the longer Democrats will hang on to power.


That seems about right. The fact that the Republican Party is really unpopular at the moment is a much bigger problem for the right than is the prospect of Tony Romo trying to vote in Nevada. It would make sense to focus on the more serious problem.