The Climate Quote of the Week — and the Climate Muzzling of the Week

“It is too late for avoiding dangerous climate change. We must focus now on avoiding catastrophic climate change.”

This quote comes from John Holdren, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He elaborated in an e-mail:

“The impacts already being experienced — increased incidence of floods, droughts, heat waves, and wildfires, among other damaging effects — are already dangerous by any reasonable definition of that word.”

More of Holdren’s thoughts can be found in this BBC interview (click on “video and audio news” in the upper right corner), where he warns that sea level rise of 7 feet or more is possible by the end of the century. Holdren is also President and Director of the Woods Hole Research Center, as well as a Harvard professor.


Our leading scientists are ratcheting up the warning based on the growing body of evidence of accelerated climate change. If only anyone inside the White House were listening.

But instead of listening to leading climate scientists, the White House keeps trying to muzzle them. As Nature reported last week (subs. req’d): “A statement on the science behind the politically sensitive issue of hurricane activity and climate change has been blocked by officials at the US Department of Commerce.” And this is on top of ongoing efforts by the administration aimed at “preventing scientists who believe there might be such a link [between global warming and more intense hurricanes] from speaking out.”

The sad thing is that while the administration can stop the public from learning the full truth of how human emissions of greenhouse gases are causing dangerous climate change — they can’t actually stop the dangerous climate change itself with their meaningless climate policies.