The Epic World Cup Twitter Fight Between Germany And The U.S.’ U.N. Missions

The United Nations, barring some key moments in its history, is known more as a place for diplomacy than bickering. That all changes when it comes to sports, however, as the national spirit of the countries’ missions come out. Ahead of the U.S.’ match against Germany in the World Cup on Thursday, the sniping between the two countries’ missions on Twitter escalated until there were cats, beer, and references to John F. Kennedy. In the end, it remains possible that the U.S. still advances to the next round of the World Cup after today’s match, judging by this graphic from the New York Times. But the two sides still have a lot riding on the outcome of the came in terms of bragging rights in New York.

It started out innocently enough, with the German Mission providing a friendly reminder of the rules of soccer to the U.S. mission:

From there, a friendly wager was been made over the outcome of the game between the two sides:

The U.S. wasn’t afraid to go for the deep dig against Germany:

How serious is this competition? There’s a hashtag for it, courtesy of Kurtis Cooper, deputy spokesman for the U.N. Mission:

And then things got really serious. The German Mission brought out their secret weapon: cats.

With kickoff coming up swiftly, the United States is ready to veto a German win:


With the game halfway over, the U.S. isn’t letting up on throwing shade Germany’s way:


In the end, the U.S. lost to Germany 0–1, but thanks to Portugal beating Ghana, both teams advance to the next round. Germany was magnanimous in victory: