The Gender Gap in Party ID

Gallup looks at the gender gap in party ID:

The results among women “are typical of what Gallup has found over the past year” and “the current 41% female Democratic identification matches the high achieved several times since 2000.” Among men, however, the GOP seems to be deteriorating:

At various times over the past decade, the plurality of male partisans have shifted between Republican and independent identification, with no more than 31% of men identifying as Democrats in any quarter. Since late 2006, however, the gap between the percentage of men identifying as independents and the percentage identifying as Republicans has grown, and independent men have outnumbered Republican men for the last two years running. Over this time, Republican identification among men has largely been on par with Democratic support, a clear negative sign for the GOP given the solid support the Democratic Party has among women.

One question I’m interested in is international dimensions of the gender gap. My understanding is that women’s greater levels of support for left-of-center political parties is a basically transnational phenomenon in the West. But I’ve never seen a good serious survey of the data. If anyone knows of something like that and wants to clue me in to it, I’d be appreciative.