The Get-Up Kids Do The GOP Field

I posited yesterday that Michele Bachmann, love her or hate her, is at least the best subject of a Get-Up Kids song out there in the GOP field. To wit, “Michele With One ‘L’”. Dan Munz countered that this is “not true, when you realize that ‘Forgive And Forget’ is about Mitt Romney’s eventual nomination.”

That’s a mistake, I think. The Mitt Romney song is pretty clearly “Mass Pike,” a bittersweet lament (“for every minute yesterday /regret reminds me anyway”) for those of us who were Mitt-loving Bay State moderates back in the 2002 campaign. “Forgive and Forget” is, I posit, about Jon Huntsman (“And now I wait another year”) who’s merely laying the groundwork for the future. Newt Gingrich’s song is, obviously, “Don’t Hate Me” (“oh Amy / don’t hate me / for running away from you”) while Tim Pawlenty is “The Most Annoying Song” and Rick Perry is “The One You Want.”