The GOP should be more like Mike (Steele).

At a fundraiser for the Anne Arundel County Republican Party in Maryland yesterday, RNC chairman Michael Steele had some advice for his quarreling party:

Embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele lashed out at GOP infighting Tuesday and urged the party faithful — some of whom have criticized his erratic statements — to be more like him: “unconventional, unpredictable … to do from time to time the unexpected.” […]

“Someone told me this whole chairmanship thing would be a cakewalk,” he told the crowd of more than 400, acknowledging that he has managed to “tick off” many people.

Remember — all of Steele’s “unconventional, unpredictable” behavior is supposedly part of a “strategic” plan that helps him “understand [his] position on the chess board.”