The Hub: Resources for a Clean-Energy Economy

The clean-energy economy holds the promise to combat global warming, reduce our dependence on volatile and expensive fossil fuels, and create millions of new high-quality jobs for Americans. But the fight to transition to this new economy will be a tough one. Some special interests are currently spending millions of dollars a day lobbying legislators in Washington to support the status quo.

To ensure we usher in a clean-energy future, the Center for American Progress has partnered with allies to compile the arguments, stories, and state-by-state data needed to show that the clean-energy economy will create good jobs, lower consumer costs, spur innovation and entrepreneurship, and position America as a global leader in the new low-carbon energy era.

The key sub-topics covered by The Hub are

The site has “Clean-Energy Signature Stories” put together by the Apollo Alliance from Tennessee, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and more.


Finally, today’s featured content is :

Clean-Energy Investments Create Jobs

Hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans are already employed in clean energy jobs. Learn about these jobs and how they can help put millions of Americans back to work.

A Clean-Energy Economy Will Save Consumers Money

Learn about how transitioning to a clean energy economy will cost Americans only pennies a day while reducing household energy costs.

The Cost of Inaction Is Far Greater than the Cost of Action

Hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, and floods””learn about the high costs of unmitigated climate change to the American economy.

Regaining Our Clean Energy Leadership

America has fallen behind in the race to develop clean energy technologies while China and Europe speed ahead. Learn how we can get America back at the head of the pack and restore our proud tradition of innovation.

Private Investment Pours into Clean-Energy Industries

Public and private investment in the clean energy economy has been a bright spot in the recent recession. Learn about one of the fastest growing investment sectors and what the future holds for clean energy industries.CAP is always looking for new data and stories for this site. Please contact to let CAP know about any information you think they should add.