The Joe and John Show

Check out Ezra Klein’s latest post on John McCain’s partnership with Joe Lieberman. One thing that strikes me is this. In MSM terms, one shows honesty and freethinking exclusively by showing disloyalty to one’s political party. Thus, McCain and Lieberman are Bold Truth Tellers.

In the real world, guys like McCain and Lieberman seem to be to be unusually unprincipled — totally unmoored from a whole range of political commitments. But what really drives them both is their shared and slightly daft worldviews on foreign policy. McCain is pro-life, Lieberman pro-choice, but they both seem to be personally indifferent to these questions and to most other questions. But war? Oh they love war. It’s odd, under the circumstances, for the GOP’s last best hope to be someone whose emotional core is so close to the very invasion of Iraq whose disastrous consequences have touched off so much coalitional unraveling.