The Lou Dobbs Energy Plan: “Drill, Mine, Exploit”

Lou Dobbs was on the O’Reilly Factor last Friday touting his energy plan, starting off sounding very progressive in his approach to energy production and jobs creation:

In terms of energy, [we are] the wealthiest on earth — more energy reserves than any other nation on this earth. And it’s time to start exploiting it. This should be a matter of national urgency; this should be urgency on behalf of Republicans and Democrats alike. And this president has an immense opportunity to lead… Nothing is more important than creating jobs in this economy, awakening a new sense of confidence and direction in this country so this great free-enterprise, capitalist economy can begin creating those jobs by the millions.

Is Dobbs about to rally the nation around a clean energy economy? To call for Americans to get serious about tackling climate change? No:

I am saying drill, I am saying mine, exploit and produce. We have so many rich deposits of fossil fuels… it is mindless and self-destructive not to pursue that goal.

Here’s the video:

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No mention of renewable energy, efficiency and conservation; no mention of inspiring American businesses to out innovate the world in clean technologies; no mention of climate — just “Drill Baby Drill and a hell of a lot more than that.”


What he fails to mention is that domestic oil production has soared under Obama, but that didn’t stop oil prices from soaring (see “Drill, baby, drill fails: Oil prices soar in spite of sharp increase in U.S. production under Obama”).

Second, the nation truly does have some of the best energy reserves than any other nation — and they are renewable, as the figure at the top makes clear.

It would be truly “mindless and self-destructive” not to realize that potential.