The Mind of a Hack

Andrew Sabl reads The Weekly Standard’s coverage of ROTC’s return to college campuses where it had once been derogated on the grounds that it violated university non-discrimination policies:

But the Standard’s blog post buries the lede just a little bit. Nowhere does it mention the reason ROTC wasn’t allowed at Harvard up to now, and the reason that’s changed: don’t ask, don’t tell. That reason is hardly a secret. The phrase appears three times in the twelve-’graph Times story, and the fact that repeal of the policy led to repeal of the ban is the whole point of the story. But someone who read only the Standard’s version would get the idea that an effete Ivy League university, having dissed the military for no particular reason, has now climbed down. (A later post on how Columbia may invite ROTC back too also fails to mention DADT.) We apparently are supposed to see this as a triumph for conservatism.


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