The Morning CheckUp: June 16, 2011

Good morning from Minneapolis and the first day of Netroots Nation! ThinkProgress Health will be attending a full day of panels and discussions, so expect blogging to be lighter than usual.

Medicaid to face steep cuts: “Officials familiar with the talks in both parties say they expect Medicaid to be the biggest source of cuts in federal entitlement programs in whatever compromise emerges” to raise the debt ceiling. [WSJ]

Hatch plugs maintenance of effort bill: “Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said Wednesday he believes he can marshal bipartisan support for a bill to let states cut their Medicaid programs, but he didn’t indicate whether the bill’s cost savings could help it find a place in a deal on the debt ceiling.” [The Hill]

Obama releasing new prevention plan: “The Obama administration is releasing a planThursday that calls for preventing disease and injury, with a greater emphasis on creating healthier homes, communities, foods, roads and workplaces.” [Washington Post]


Foxx goes after breast feeding funding: “Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) introduced an amendment to a House spending bill yesterday that would zero out funding for a peer counseling and support program for low-income women who never learned how to breast-feed.” [Huffington Post]

Democrats charge Republicans with flyer censorship: “A bitter, behind-the-scenes fight over the GOP’s Medicare phase-out plan has bubbled out into the open, and now Democrats are openly charging Republicans with censoring their communications with constituents.” [Brian Beutler]

Does selling insurance across state lines lower costs: “There’s no example of this working out well, anywhere in the world. It’s rhetoric that sounds good, but would lead to terrible outcomes.” [Aaron Carroll]

Bobby Jindal’s secret privatization plan leaked: The confidential analysis commissioned by the Jindal administration on a state employee health plan “concluded that premiums would increase under privatization.” [Advocate]