The Morning CheckUp: June 22, 2011

Welcome to The Morning CheckUp, ThinkProgress Health’s 7:00 AM round-up of the latest in health policy and politics. Here is what we’re reading, what are you?

Pawlenty to bring back Obamneycare: “Tim Pawlenty said Tuesday he plans to keep using the term, which he first used to whack Mitt Romney over his health care record on the eve of last week’s GOP presidential primary debate.” He hesitated to go after Romney directly during last week’s debate. [Politico]

CMS focusing on dual eligibles: Americans eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid comprised 15 percent of Medicaid enrollment in 2007, but accounted for 39 percent, or $121 billion, of Medicaid spending. According to one CMS official who testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee, the agency is working to improve “program alignment, data and analytics, and models and demonstrations” to reduce costs. [Modern Healthcare]

Planned Parenthood clinics could close in Kansas: “Kansas has taken only a few weeks to draft new abortion clinic regulations and plans to decide by July whether to give the state’s three existing clinics the licenses they need to continue operating.” [AP]


Rubio and Hatch introduce legislation on parental notification: The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA) “would make taking a minor into another state to receive an abortion a federal crime if this is done to avoid parental notification laws. CIANA would also ensure that abortion providers notify parents of minors from other states looking to have an abortion performed.” [Sunshine News]

Huntsman, like Romney, won’t sign abortion pledge: “Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said Tuesday he wouldn’t sign pledges meant for candidates having to do with taxes and abortion rights.” [The Hill]

Santorum mocks Romney for not signing abortion pledge: Santorum’s web ad shows a dirt bike rider wiping out and says Huntsman “Hasn’t signed the anti-abortion pledge. Just like Mitt Romney…” [TPMDC]

Republican co-sponsors drug negotiation bill: “Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) is co-sponsoring legislation that would require Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, a priority for House Democrats in the ongoing debt-ceiling negotiations.” [Healthwatch]

AMA takes on competitive eating: Delegates delegates to the AMA’s annual meeting approved a resolution saying, “competitive speed eating as an unhealthy eating practice with potential adverse consequences.” [WSJ]