The Morning Pride: April 10, 2013

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– Meet the amazing Trans 100!

– Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has not evolved on same-sex marriage, claiming “this is a matter of state law.” (Of course, her state now offers same-sex marriage.)

– Delaware’s same-sex marriage legislation will be filed on Thursday, and Gov. Jack Markell (D) is prepared to sign it.


– Minnesota state Sen. David Osmek (R) is worried marriage equality will lead to “the state forcing churches to perform and recognize gay marriage,” but he clearly hasn’t read the bill, which specifically protects against that.

– The city council of Warwick, Rhode Island’s second-largest city, voted unanimously this week to endorse the same-sex marriage bill currently pending in the state Seante.

– An artist on the custom crafts site Etsy has refused to design a wedding guestbook for a same-sex couple.

– A federal judge has ruled that a Florida school violated a student’s rights by preventing her from participating in the Day of Silence protest, which raises awareness about anti-LGBT bullying.

– A Michigan high school has cancelled an appearance by Rick Santorum because he wouldn’t provide a copy of his remarks.

– The Chicago Police Department has installed two private showers/changing rooms to accommodate transgender recruits.

– A South African Christian school that claims to “cure” homosexuality has been found guilty of human rights violations for its other restrictions on LGBT students

– On Monday night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart explained Charles Darwin’s theory of gay evolution: