The Morning Pride: April 25, 2012

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– By winning his Democratic primary yesterday, Brian Sims will become Pennsylvania’s first openly gay legislator.

– Openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger’s “sexy frisbee” ad was removed from YouTube, presumably because of conservatives flagging it as inappropriate simply for having a same-sex kiss.

– The Episcopal Church in North Carolina has come out against the discriminatory Amendment One, and the Elon University Student Government Association intends to do the same.


– Meanwhile, the the measure’s proponents have released an ad prominently featuring religious messages and people of color, propagating the National Organization for Marriage’s strategy of creating a wedge between black voters and the gay community.

– A lawsuit challenging Minnesota’s laws against same-sex marriage is advancing, and could complicate messaging on the proposed amendment that would codify those laws.

– An amendment to prohibit state funding of dangerous ex-gay therapy in Minnesota’s omnibus health policy bill failed.

– Eau Claire, Wisconsin has approved insurance benefits for domestic partners.

– Conservatives, apparently led by NOM’s new chairman John Eastman, are still attempting to challenge California’s FAIR Education Act, which mandates that curricula be LGBT-inclusive.


– Blogger Alvin McEwen uncovered a secret Facebook group where many prominent anti-gay activists apparently collaborate on messaging and strategy.

– The American Prospect offers a concise look at the way U.S. evangelicals have exported their anti-gay rhetoric to Africa.

– Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA) has joined several LGBT leaders in urging the Navy to name the next appropriate ship after Harvey Milk.

– Two days after winning a spot on the women’s U.S. Olympic wrestling team, Stephany Lee married her partner Brigg McDonald in Iowa.