The Morning Pride: April 25, 2013

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– Some Minnesota lawmakers are considering another civil unions bill to avoid marriage equality.

Pennsylvania might consider civil unions as well.

– The Connecticut Senate has approved a bill that would restore state benefits to veterans discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


– Before adjourning their session, Tennessee lawmakers declared that August 31 will be “ido4life Traditional Marriage Day.”

– Boy Scout leaders in the Baltimore and Los Angeles areas have proposed alternative resolutions that would end the ban on gay and lesbian adult leaders in addition to Scouts.

– The Colombian Senate has rejected marriage equality, even though the country’s Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of benefits for same-sex couples.

– An anti-gay French politician accidentally voted for marriage equality on Tuesday, prompting another lawmaker to joke he should change his last name from Guaino to “Gay-Oui.”

– An Israeli school has fired a teacher for coming out as transgender.

– Rather than throw the bouquet, one straight couple used the traditional moment at their wedding to support marriage equality.

Numerous kids have spoken out for equality in various poignant ways this week.

– Janet Porter, an anti-gay activist with a group called Faith 2 Action, offers one of the most offensive attempts at comparing homosexuality with adultery: