The Morning Pride: April 30, 2012

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– A New Jersey transgender woman has reached a settlement with her insurance company after the provider refused to cover the costs of her mammogram.

– WRAL-TV in Raleigh put together a 21-minute documentary about North Carolina’s discriminatory Amendment One, but couldn’t find a CEO to go on record in favor of it.

– Protect All NC Families has released two new ads attacking Amendment One for how it could impact domestic violence protections.


Two teens from Concord, NC organized a small rally against Amendment One this weekend.

– Iowa legislators are considering creating a statewide bullying-specific hotline.

– The first-ever same-sex marriage proposal on a military base took place last week.

– The Pope has called for a Catholic alliance with Muslim and Jewish groups to oppose same-sex marriage.

– A Canadian court has ruled that a separated lesbian couple must split custody of the leftover sperm they have in the sperm bank.

– Iran has executed a young man described as a “gangster” for alleged same-sex activity.

– Groups supporting and opposing marriage equality have launched new campaigns in Scotland.

– The President of The Gambia doubled down on his anti-gay comments last week, saying, “We will rather eat grass than accept this ungodly evil attitude that is anti-God, anti-human, and anti-creation.”

– Check out this new infographic about global recognition of LGBT rights.

– A new study finds that analytical thinking reduces religious belief.

– Iowan Zach Wahls continued his media tour about his two moms with a recent appearance on the Piers Morgan Show:

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