The Morning Pride: April 5, 2012

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Prop 8 Trial Tracker has a round-up of analysis of yesterday’s First Circuit oral arguments in the two cases challenging the Defense of Marriage Act.

– Police reports show that there were as many as 15 anti-gay and anti-trans crimes in Washington, DC in the month of March.

– According to the Pew Hispanic Center’s latest survey, 59 percent of of Latinos say that homosexuality should be accepted by society.


– Those advocating for North Carolina’s discriminatory Amendment One were all too proud to host an ex-gay activist who thinks homosexuality should be relegated from society the way Pluto was demoted from being a planet.

– Bent Alaska provides evidence that opponents to Anchorage’s LGBT non-discrimination protections intentionally spread false information about voter registration.

– Groups opposing marriage equality in Washington state seem to be blatantly violating financial reporting laws.

– The National Organization for Marriage spent $10,000 opposing a pro-equality Democrat in a Maryland race, but he still won with 74 percent of the vote.

– The student suing his Ohio school for the right to wear a “Jesus Is Not A Homophobe” shirt has been granted permission to wear it, but for now, only on the Day of Silence.


– A student at Fullerton Union High School in California was removed from a “Mr. Fullerton” competition on Tuesday because he said he hoped in 10 years same-sex marriage would be legal so he could marry the love of his life. The assistant principal who made the decision apologized publicly and the next morning.

– More than 60 percent of Australian MPs and mayors support marriage equality.

– Invisible Children, the organization behind Kony 2012, has “robust ties” to The Family and other anti-gay stealth evangelism efforts in Africa.

– Authorities in Cameroon shut down a human rights conference last week when they learned it would include discussions of sexuality.

– Guyana, the only mainland South American country with laws still criminalizing homosexuality, is going to hold consultations about changing those laws.

– Chile has passed an anti-discrimination law to help protect the LGBT community from future hate crimes.

Cybill Shepherd is HRC’s latest American for Marriage Equality.

– Martin Sheen defended his support for marriage equality as a Catholic, explaining “my religion’s highest standard is conscience.” Watch his riveting delivery of Ted Olson’s closing argument from the Proposition 8 trial from a recent reading of the play 8: