The Morning Pride: August 13, 2012

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– On Saturday, the Democratic Party Platform Committee unanimously approved the drafted platform, complete with its full-throated support for marriage equality and nondiscrimination protections.

– Iowa’s The FAMiLY LEADER has relaunched the so-called “Iowans for Freedom” campaign to oust one of the state’s Supreme Court Justices who was part of the 2009 ruling for same-sex marriage.

– During the last school year, there were 10,797 reported incidents of bullying in Iowa schools.

Transgender pilots will no longer be subject an unfair battery of psychological tests.

– A North Carolina county commissioner is still eager to strip same-sex couples of their domestic partner benefits.

– Thanks to the generosity of a Washington state lawyer, two gay men raising 12 children in Arizona officially both have legal guardianship of their family.


– British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg believes religious organizations should be allowed to conduct same-sex marriages.

– Thousands gathered in Dublin yesterday for the fourth Irish March for Marriage (equality).

– Artist Kathryn Cornelius married and divorced seven different times on Saturday, marrying both men and women throughout the day (one of which can be seen in the banner above).

– Officials in St. Petersburg, Russia will fine Madonna $17,000 for violating the ban on “gay propaganda” during her concert.

Ten out LGBT Olympians won gold medals.

– Watch Taiwan’s first same-sex Buddhist wedding: