The Morning Pride: December 12, 2012

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– Republicans have been relatively silent about the Supreme Court’s decision to take up the Defense of Marriage Act.

– And the White House has nothing to say about Proposition 8.

– ESPN980 in Washington, DC has suspended Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin for at least two days for their anti-trans rant on the radio.


– The New Jersey Senate president says he will not allow a ballot vote on same-sex marriage because he does “not believe you put civil rights on the ballot, period.”

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (D) announced his support for marriage equality by signing a resolution passed by the City Council.

– A photograph posted on Facebook of a five-year-old happily wearing pink shoes to preschool has caused quite an internet kerfuffle.

– Uruguay’s Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of its legislature, overwhelmingly passed marriage equality legislation with an 81–6 vote. The Chamber of Senators is likely to similarly pass the legislation in 2013.

– Cyndi Lauper hopes lawmakers don’t forget about the plight of LGBT youth as they fight over the fiscal showdown.

– All month, loving moms (and a few dads) are offering their support for LGBTQ children who may not be accepted by their families.


– A closeted professional Hockey player in Europe has written a lengthy piece about hiding his sexual orientation during his career.

– The Toronto Marlies are the latest team to create a YouCanPlay video, and they are eager to support LGBT young people: