The Morning Pride: December 6, 2013

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– After a year of marriage equality in Washington state, over 7,000 same-sex couples have wed, about a quarter of which were from out of state.

– The National Railway Labor Conference has announced that the largest U.S. freight carriers will begin providing medical benefits to employees’ same-sex spouses as of January 1.

– A mental health facility in Illinois is providing gender-affirming healthcare to a transgender detainee, though it required a court order.


– A transgender police officer in Connecticut has filed a complaint that she was forced to work in a hostile work environment, including being referred to by her former male name and pronouns, not being allowed to wear earrings like other women on the force, and being urged to return to her male identity.

– The Texas student who was suspended for ripping pages out of his own Bible (Leviticus) in response to anti-gay bullying has had his suspension removed from his record thanks to support from the American Humanist Association.

– Glenn Beck believes anti-gay activists have “lost the war” against marriage equality.

– A new poll finds that 56 percent of Scots support marriage equality.

– Lady Gaga’s advice to Tom Daley: “Never dive in Russia” — fortunately, diving is not a Winter Olympics competition.

– Elton John’s concerts in Russia will proceed as planned.

– The “It Gets Better” Project offers an important message to Russia’s LGBT youth: