The Morning Pride: February 12, 2013

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LGBT advocates in Oregon have begun collecting signatures for a referendum to pass marriage equality in 2014.

– Marriage equality legislation in Hawai’i is apparently dead for this session because the House Judiciary Committee would not even schedule a hearing to discuss it.

– A Texas Senator has filed a bill to legalize civil unions.

– The Boy Scouts of America did not intend for the public to know it was reconsidering its anti-gay policy, but apparently there was a leak.

– The Los Angeles times apparently does not know how to respectfully write about transgender issues.

– Brown University is the latest institution of higher education to extend transgender healthcare benefits to its students.


– The Turkish Armed Forces are planning to introduce its own “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for gay soldiers, and its violators would not only be expelled, but face criminal charges under the army code.

– A same-sex couple legally married in the Netherlands is now suing for recognition in Austria.